4 Cluck’n Years Quad (Vintage 2017)

Image of 4 Cluck’n Years Quad (Vintage 2017)
4 Cluck’n Years Quad (Vintage 2017)

Belgian Quad
ABV 8.3%

What better way to celebrate our 4th anniversary than brewing our first Quad? This beer is just as excited for the party as we are, as it has been aging for 3 months in anticipation. We started Belgian produced Chateau malts Carablonde and pale ale and blended them with English dark crystal, US two row, carapils and wheat. A touch of sweetness comes from the Belgian Candi Sugar. The only hops used are German Magnum. This dark copper beer has a slight port sweetness that gives way to a mellow alcohol warmth and a subtle spicy background. At 8.0% this beer will keep you warm all winter long.


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