Rooster Cruiser

Image of Rooster Cruiser
Rooster Cruiser

Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV 8.8%

Big and marvelously excessive, Rooster Cruiser Imperial IPA delivers a faceload of flavor payload. Built on an 19.2┬░Plato all-malt base from just Montana grown 2-row barley malt, we stuff this bad boy with a criminally inefficient amount of Pekko and Azzaca hops all the way from the kettle to dry-hopping in the fermenter. Better blow by that weigh station, big trucker!

Rooster Cruiser let’s you know it’s coming delivering a blast of deep tropical and herbal hop aroma supported by a whiff of ale-fruit and malt. Grapefruit, pine and mango fill your mouth leading to a rich bittersweet finish that arrives right on time.

Be sure to enjoy a little Rooster Cruiser a lot!


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