Stout, Stout, let it all STOUT!

Image of Stout, Stout, let it all STOUT!
Stout, Stout, let it all STOUT!

Common Stout
ABV 6.3%

For the Colorado Brewer’s Guild 2020 Collaboration Fest beer, we decided to team up with a local brewery that shares our affinity for delicious, crushable lagers, Wibby Brewing Co. in Longmont. We wanted to keep with the ‘lager’ theme, so decided to make a warm fermented Stout lager, or Common Stout, if you will.

California Common/Steam beers are lagers that are fermented at warmer, ‘ale’ like temperatures, Anchor Steam being the most well known. To add to the deliciousness, we added ample amounts of Vermont maple syrup, as well as toasted oats. A pleasant sweet maple aroma gives way to a full bodied stout, chock full of roasted malt flavor. You are going to want to enjoy this with a plate full of waffles.


Malt: American 2-row barley malt, Toasted Oats, Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Eng. Caramalt

Hops: Sterling

Yeast: Lager


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