Summer Teath

Image of Summer Teath
Summer Teath

Summer IPA
ABV 4.1%

Summer Teath is a 4.1% ABV summer IPA brewed with American 2-row barley malt, red wheat malt and light crystal malt and fermented with our house ale yeast. It’s well hopped in the kettle and in the fermenter with a blend of two dwarf hop varieties called Azacca and Pekko which offer intense tropical, citrus and herbal aromas. This is complimented by a kettle addition of Sunny Green Tea from Boulder’s Pekoe Sip House. This is a tea blend that features dried papaya and pineapple whose aromas shine through along with the hops while the tea delivers an herbal flavor and gently astringent mouthfeel which evokes the sensation of sipping on iced tea. It’s dry, light bodied and utterly refreshing.


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